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Site Due-Diligence:

Site selection is critical to exposing a project’s potential risks and hidden costs.  We assist clients early in the process to identify major cost variables pertaining to utilities, environmental issues, zoning codes, parking challenges and construction feasibility, etc. 

Whether a new development, land purchase, or building renovation, proper site due-diligence is absolutely a critical first step.  We have steered our clients away from more sites than we have ever developed.

Owner Programming:

Before engaging designers, we develop the owner’s programming that will ultimately dictate the uses and needs of the project.  A detailed programming requirement specifies all the project goals and allows us to clearly convey the requirements to the design team. 

Without accurate programming, projects lose critical design time and distract the team from the user’s ultimate goal.

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Design Team Selection:

Though a relatively small cost to the overall project, the design team may drastically influence the success of any project.  With an accurate programming requirement, we can prequalify and solicit proposals for any facet of development or renovation work. 

We set clear design expectations and establish fee structures so we know our cost exposure at every step in the process. A trusted and well qualified design team is vital to the success of the project.  The accuracy of the documents is the only common denominator between the owner’s goals, the designers and the contractors.

Budgeting & Scheduling:

Budgets and schedules are a dynamic component to the evaluation of any project.  We immediately prepare a project budget and list elements of risk to the project.  And communicate budget variables with the client as we expose opportunities and challenges throughout the process. 

Once we finalize the budget, account codes are established and we manage the budget through Timberline Cost Control Accounting software.

Relationship schedules (Gantt Charts) are built with activities assigned to designated parties on the team.  Schedules are reviewed and updated weekly and included in all consultant agreements.

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Contractor Selection:

We pride ourselves on a very detailed and thorough contractor selection process typically through a competitive RFP.  We start with a company’s prequalification and ultimately focus on the team chemistry, project management, risk tolerance and fee structure.   We respect the contracting community and seek out ethical and committed contractors.

Project Accounting:

Once the budget is finalized, we establish account codes used to track monthly expenditures.  We review Variance Reports with our clients every month showing costs-to-date, account balances and transfers. 

In addition, we manage lien releases, insurance certificates and project retainage.  Our full service accounting includes check writing, application for payments to a lender, and year-end 1099s as required.

Project Administration:

Project management ensures the work in the field is in compliance with the contract documents.  With the proper team selected, we establish the framework for clear communication and problem solving as challenges arise. Successful project management starts at the beginning.

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We value the relationship we built with WS Inc. and would welcome an opportunity to work with them on future projects.


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